Create or Edit Customer

As a consultant, when you login and click on your dashboard, then you will see a new customer form to fill out, as well as a list of recently created or updated customers. You can fill in the new customer details, or select a customer from the sidebar to edit existing customer. The system shows only the last 50 active customers to speed up page reloads. To find older customers, enter part of their name and click search. The attached video shows the basic steps. (No Audio - just press pause and rewind to replay)

Customer Show Page

After Creation of a new Customer/Lead, If you have available Green button data (XML preffered), then load this data into the application. Design the system in Aurora Add Scenarios Compare Scenarios and select a Final Click Print PDF Button and save the file to Box

Version 1.2.1 Upgrade notes

(Note: Videos need to be downloaded - working on a fix to provide fullscreen) 1. Region Rates now active - All customers have been upgraded to region based on their existing rates. 2. New customer - please select region rates when creating a new customer. Note: If you get stuck changing/editing rated switch to another utility then switch back this will reset the lookups. 3. Proposals can now be uploaded to a scenario. 4. Please use the feedback button on the right hand side to tell us about problems. This sends the page you were on so we can fix the problem.

Green Button Connect Data - How to

Green Button Data Connect is availble at - after enrolling a customer, SDGE will send the TOU app enrollment information and Historical data which will be added to the Customer (v 1.2.2)

Last Month TOU vs Paper Bill

A new graph has been added to the customer show page. It takes the last full month of data (e.g. if we are in September then it takes August data) and shows the time of use (similar to SDGE)

V1.3 Update

Version 1.3 Updated Sunday 23 Sept:-

  • Clean up of landing page and make notices fade/
  • Dashboard changes to Proposal
  • Added fields for Utility Login Email (for  Green Button Connect data)
  • Utility Account Number Field added (for  Green Button Connect data) 
  • Finance Type - Updated. Will eventually do finance calcs.
  • Scenarios - select Module from list of available. (No longer enter brand / watts just select module)

If you have any problems please notify us with the feedback button so we can see where the problem is and correct asap.

There may be issues if you edit older scenarios, as they did not have modules data.


Solar Exists - Combine!

Page: Customer Show 

After uploading Green button data, the system will detect if there was any negative consumption data.

  • If there is negative consumption the device button will show 'Solar Found'
  • If this happens, and you want accurate actual consumption, you will need to create a Production device (solar system - that is as close as possible to currently installed system)***
  •   Currently the tool assumes a full year of Solar Production and adds this production to the Consumption for year.
  • Import a production file that simulates existing solar system.

**  One issue you may note is the annual graph for the consumption will show some negative values.  This happens because production / consumption may not be perfectly balanced in a time periods. We may work on a fix for this in future, however effect on final bill is very small.


Note: Currently only works correctly if you have a full year of solar. If you require to combine a part year of solar please contact administrators (or leave feedback while on the page you need to combine data on.) We can fix this by setting production for dates on which solar did not exists to zero then uploading the file.

  •   If your customer has had solar for a full year then it works. (calculates correct total)**
  •   If your customer has not had data for a full year then it will not calculate correctly. 

Another example

What is Time of Use

Learn more in this overview of Time-of-Use pricing plans.

How does Time of Use work?

Time-of-Use pricing is based on when you use energy, not just how much you use.